Indiana Behavior Association

Our Mission

To continue improving the Behavior Management industry and its service delivery to those we are fortunate enough to serve.

Our Values




Creating IBA began in the fall of 2022 in response to the need to improve best practices among Behavior Consultants and to hold agencies that provide Behavior Support Services accountable. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of work to undo.

The Executive Board

Myishea Richmond, MA


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Holly McClure, LCSW

Vice President

Rosalind Gaither, MS


Kara Chambers, MA


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Jennifer Herceg, MSW


Sabrina Starr, MA


Kendra Leckrone, BS

Case Management Liason


Current Membership Count: 116

  1. Individual Membership: $75 annually
  2. Agency Membership 6-15: $400 annually
  3. Agency Membership 16-25: $800 annually
  4. Agency Membership 25+ $1,200 annually

Year: 2023

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Membership Disclaimer

Agencies that utilize restrictive covenants such as Non-Competition (commonly titled “Non-Solicitation”) clauses that directly or indirectly restrict the genuine free choice of a person with a disability to select the clinician they want to work with, are ineligible for agency level membership at IBA. Agencies may become eligible if they, in writing, formally remove the presence and use of such restrictive measures. However, individual Behavior Consultants at an agency that uses these restrictive covenants may obtain an individual membership if they do not hold an executive level position at that agency.

IBA Forms

Code of Ethics: Coming Soon




All members of IBA are able to participate in the monthly IBA CEU opportunity at no additional cost. CEUs will be conducted via Zoom each month to assist BCs in obtaining their 10 CEU minimum requirement.

  • CEU Topic:
  • Date: 2nd Friday of each month
  • Time: 2:30pm est
  • Location: IBA Zoom Room

IBA Legal Aid

IBA is establishing a legal aid fund to help Behavior Consultants that may need legal representation against restrictive covenants or illegal employment practices from other disabilities industry providers. This is open to all Behavior Consultants across Indiana.

BCs have frequently experienced a variety of malicious practices, such as providers accusing BCs of solicitation without evidence, claiming fraudulent billing only after they submitted their resignation (to sabotage their future employment), and often sending cease & desists to intimidate & bully.

IBA has retained the services of attorneys Jerry Withered and Michael Dean of Withered-Burns LLP, to provide legal assistance, guidance, and representation to Behavior Consultants that are in need across Indiana

“There are no Non-Competition Clauses or Restrictive Covenants, Threats to Complain, Complaints, Sabotage, or Bullying that will ever make up for their Low Pay, Poor Treatment, and a Poor Business Model.”


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